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Colour Retail company is a wholesaler and importer of t-shirts. They develop plain t-shirt and also design it to match customer choice. As a matter of fact, their proud brands are Eight Square™, Premium Eight Square™ and MonoKami™.

A Fresh Brand New Look

Client came to us in hope to give their website a brand new and fresh look. Besides that they also want to make a statement that their are the leading wholesaler and importer of T-Shirt here in Malaysia. Although their brands are well known in Malaysia but they are always hidden behind their agents.

Hence this new year of 2022, they want to make an appearance and let the public know that they are the owner of the brands Eight Square™, Premium Eight Square™ and MonoKami™. In brief, their old website is done in HTML and is not mobile friendly at all. Furthermore it’s not build to be SEO friendly.

SEO Optimized Website

In the quest to make them the leading Wholesaler & Importer of T-Shirts in Malaysia, we begin with the restructure of the navigation to improve the user experience. Therefore we added drop downs and clean up the modules. As a result, it look cleaner and easier to navigate through the website.

Next, we tag all the images and each page to have meta description. Following that, content on all pages are also specifically written for SEO purpose. Besides that all of their URL are SEO friendly.

Finally all pages are tweak to work properly on mobile format. Therefore if you need to get some t-shirts for your company or organization, do give them a visit at Colour Retail and follow them on their Facebook.

New Homepage
New About Us Page
SEO Optimized Page
Content SEO Optimized
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“Everything is designed but few things are designed well.” - Brian Reed, Front-end Developer
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