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Brand Marketing

Strategic Planning

S.W.O.T Analysis

A SWOT analysis assists you with understanding of internal and outer factors that can determine your advertising objective success. The SWOT analysis process is a conceptualizing or brainstorming procedure. In short it’s intended to assist you with understanding what may separate you from your competitors and what resources you need to execute upon that chance.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy process is a triple stage. Firstly, we guide you from your Brand Heart (the core of your brand), then to the delivery of your Brand Messaging (how you talk about your identity) and finally to your Visual Identity (the visual communication to your brand).

Marketing Strategy

The physical value of your products or services may be easy to calculate. Although the mindful consumer is willing to buy, they are actually craving for the VALUE. Therefore you should be able to tell a BETTER STORY and it has to be consistent across all marketing channels and platform to remain strong.

Digital Experience

Visual Design

Strategic Web Design

Design trends & patterns are, obviously, significantly important because the fact that they give you fresh inspiration and new strategies. Equally important, the execution of those methods and styles should be SAVVY, CENTERED and FOCUSED. Strategic design is all about identifying your company GOALS and OBJECTIVES, and then use them to guide the design.

Landing Page Design

Great landing pages are SHORT, SWEET and UNCLUTTERED. In order to achive that, the page has to be made easy to convert, having a clear call to action and make it all about the customer. The truth is, customers don’t care about your vision or mission, therefore showcase more of what you can do for them and how you can IMPROVE THEIR LIFE.

Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

A STRONG CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE produces significant results which translate to more customers, more sales and more loyalty. To avoid angry customers, depreciate their lifetime value or push them to competitors due to poor digital experiences, above all businesses should focus on goals for an effective digital experience strategy.

Data Science

Digital Marketing

SEO Strategy

As organic traffic is responsible for more than 51.5% of all visitors coming to websites, comparatively to all other sources such as paid ads (14.3%) and social media (5.2%) traffic. As a matter of fact, majority of people just ‘GOOGLE’ when they are looking for something or to buy products or services.

Paid Ads

These days, you don’t need a huge budget for your advertising and marketing campaign. As the matter of fact, some businesses are able to achieve marketing success with lower budgets. All you need to know is that GOOGLE is like your Yellow Pages, whereas FACEBOOK is like the Billboard and best off all YOUTUBE is like your Television.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is important to the success of any business digital marketing strategy. Even if the quantity of “follows”, “likes” and “shares” is as yet significant, but the credibility of a brand is recognized far beyond this. Today, social media requires a special skillsets whereby brands need to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the needs of their audience and CREATE A VALUE around it.

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