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Founded in 2017, Boxcube strives to be the Tourism Solution Specialist here in Malaysia. Their teams are both young and energetic. Having the passion create new products, they are always excited by what comes next.

With the objectives of creating a seamless cross border travel ecosystem, they’re ever ready to catch the next wave of opportunity.

Boxcube Asia | BXC Travellers (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The Strategy : Corporate Website

First of all to get them started we design and conceptualize a corporate website for them. This site is not your ordinary boring corporate site. In contrast, this site is specially crafted and emphasize a lot on the look and feel.

The design process took about 2 weeks to complete. We mix and match vector graphics with real life photos to create eye catching montages. In order to highlight them as the Tourism Solution Specialist, we used many beautiful scenery photos.

Once the overall look and feel is approved we move into development. In the meantime, our copywriter work very closely with the client to ensure that every word or sentence is express properly.

Then content is also specially crafted word by word to match the website. To emphasize more, both design & content has to work in harmony. Without a doubt after a month, the website is fully completed.

Next Strategy : Digital Marketing

The next step after the site goes live is for digital marketing to kick in. Therefore on-site and off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is on the go. Suitable keywords are carefully selected. Thereafter researches will be carry out on those selected keywords to check on their value.

Moving on from there would be to plan, schedule and setup Google Ads. In this case, we run the ads with A/B testing to determine which ads is the best. Besides that, Google Analytics is integrated on the site as well for tracking purpose.

From there onwards, Google My Business is also setup to claim their business location. Now that all of these are in place, the new website will surely to be rank by Google. SEO will continue as it’s an organic growth process.

Lastly, to be the Tourism Solution Specialist in Malaysia, we work together with the client to come up with articles. Content generation is one of the key contribution for SEO. Maintaining a consistent content is vital for social media success.

More Strategy : Social Media

As the foundation has been set, we move on to the social arena. For the purpose of getting more exposure, nothing is better than Social Media. Hence we start them off with a new Facebook page, populate their Instagram and create a Linkedin account.

From time to time we’ll schedule for postings and updates as well. For the time being it’s all only posting of content. Later when the borders are open we will start them on Facebook Ads to promote their travel packages.


To make a brand new website being rank by Google is not an easy task. Lots of effort planning and execution is required. Thankfully our client is very helpful and co-operative. As of this article publish here are the result achieved in only 5 months.

  1. Tourism Solution Specialist (Ranked 1, Page 1)
  2. BXC Travel Solutions (Ranked 1, Page 1)
  3. Boxcube Travellers (Ranked 1, Page 1)
  4. Boxcube Travel Solutions Malaysia (Ranked 1, Page 1)
  5. Travel Technology Solution (Ranked 6, Page 4)
  6. Smart Tourism Ecosystem (Ranked 7, Page 1)

Finally here is the actual report for the number of new visitors for this new website at the time of posting.

Quote of the day :
“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” - Neville Brody
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