Futurist Foundation – Creative Web Revamp

Futurist Foundation Creative Web Design

We gave The Futurist Foundation a full creative web revamp. When they first came to us, their website was a mess. The previous web developer basically just took their power point slides and slap it onto the site.

In short it’s like a copy and paste job. All their contents was in image format. Hence Google bots weren’t able to pick it up. That’s when MyUnit Design step in and tore down the entire site and start fresh.

A Blast From The Past

Let’s take a short peek at their old site. The site user experience was not taken into consideration when the site was built. As can be seen below, content for pages are just being slap onto one page. Hence, viewers need to scroll all the way down to look for info.

Besides that, images weren’t properly optimize and it took a while to load those pages. Another key point is that the entire site colors scheme and identity is not there. The feel of the entire site is just plain and boring.

Generally, this type of website development is like back then when we were using HTML to build sites. However times have changed and we have access to powerful CMS. With this said, our work begins.

Full Creative Web Revamp

Our work begin with migrating them over to our hosting which is more stable and loads faster. The new hosting is also SSL enable, which meets one of the requirements given by Google.

Next we begin with restructuring the content and navigation. We took the same exact Power Point file as our point of reference. Moving forward we identified the color scheme and carry it throughout the website.

Equally important is for us to make sure that the content population is done in text format, not image so that bots can crawl it. Meanwhile our web designer is working on the page banner and how best to display the content images. Secondly, we optimize and alt tag all images on the site.

Finally once all the desktop layout and content is finalized, we went on to tweak and optimize it for mobile view. Thus this site is mobile friendly.

For those that need the services of a Futurist, do visit their site by clicking the link here.

Quote of the day :
“If you think math is hard, try web design.” - Trish Parr
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