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Father's Rights Association Of Malaysia

Father’s Rights Association Of Malaysia consists of an ever-growing group of men and women committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities. Thus, helping children have their fathers in their lives substantially.

As we have noted, fathers in Malaysia sadly discover that in Family Court, the probability for them to secure joint custody of their children is extremely low and, for the most part, remains futile litigation.

A new NGO in need of a website

Sheikh Faleigh had this idea of starting a NGO to help Father’s in Malaysia to fight for their rights to secure joint custody of their children. Therefore he took the initiative to register Fathers’ Rights Association of Malaysia with the registrar of society in Malaysia.

In the hope that it will be approve, Faleigh begin to work on the content for the website. He had it all in his Power Point presentation. To his surprise, his application is approve fairly quickly & smoothly.

Since this NGO is new they have a very limited budget. Faleigh had to find someone who can sponsor their site. So happen that we were in a common group chat that he posted his request to develop a new site for his NGO.

With this we volunteer to sponsor their design & development and as well as the web & email hosting for as long as MyUnit Design Studio is in business.

The website development of Fathers’ Rights Association of Malaysia

We start with the setup of their web & email hosting plan in our server. Then point their domain over and let it resolve. While that is happening, we had a few video session to determine the direction structure and look & feel of the site.

Thereafter we begin to design the site and then populate the content from the power point slide. This process took us about 2 weeks only as most of the information is obtained.

As soon as some tweaking is done, FRAM website is complete and officially launch within 3 weeks. After launching, as a matter of fact we have many positive feedback and engagement to the site.

Do visit FRAM website and give your support to them.

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