Flood at Taman Mas Puchong

Taman Mas Flood

Flood at Taman Mas Puchong was at its worse ever. On Friday 17/12/2021 it rained heavily and the heavy downpour continues throughout the night. Hence drainage is full and water starts to over flow.

Another reason is that the river nearby is also bursting its banks already. Being that, the most severely affect area is Koi Prima and Taman Mas. Here are some photos shared by various group chats. Overall the situation only start to get better on Sunday 18/12/2021 in the evening.

Flood Taman Mas 01
Flood Taman Mas 02
Water rose up until 5-6 feet

As the rain on Saturday continues to pour non stop, not only Sri Muda Shah Alam is flooded. As can be seen, the flood got itself to Puchong as well. The flood at Taman Mas Puchong is also quite severe.

Besides that, Koi Prima is also badly affected. At around 10.30 am water was already at ankle height. Then the rain continued on and by late afternoon, the water has risen to knee level. At this point, Koi Prima is already submerge under at least 5-6 feet of water.

Vehicles being park at higher ground

In a last effort to save their vehicles, residents move them up to a higher ground. Thankfully the workshop area beside Taman Mas is way up higher. Coincidentally there’s a car workshop there, therefore they can get their vehicles service the next morning.

Taman Putra Prima 8 slightly affected

Besides Taman Mas and Koi Prima, the residents at Taman Putra Prima 8 is also worried as they are situated just beside Taman Mas. Hence, many stayed at home to monitor the flood situation.

Luckily Sunday night it didn’t rain therefore by Monday morning the water begin to subside. Given that this flood is very bad, thankfully it didn’t took any live.

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