3 Simple Steps to Transfer Domain Name .com

Domain Transfer

In order to transfer your .com domain name, make sure that you have access to the registered email address. Basically this process is the same for transferring .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domain names.

1. Make sure you have the registered email access

When you register a domain, you’ll be ask for an email address which will be used for verification. Generally this email will be tagged to your domain name.

Make sure you have access to that email as the code will only be send to the registered email address in order to transfer the domain name.

In any case that you have forgotten which email it is registered to, you may as your current vendor to check for you.

2. Request the EPP code from current vendor

You will need an authorization code also known as EPP code to transfer the domain. However to get this code you’ll need to request it from your current vendor.

The EPP key or authorization code is one of the safety feature against unauthorized transfers of domain name registrations.

This is to prevent people from simply claiming or transfer the domain without your permission as domain name owner. Hence, it also protects your rights as a domain owner.

The email should contain the .com domain name and the authorization information.

You can see the sample of the email below.

3. Approve the domain transfer request

The other billing party will then do a request to initiate the transfer. Therefore make sure to check your junk mail if you don’t find the authorization email in your inbox.

Click on the link found in the email or right click > open hyperlink.

Then copy & paste the password given in the email and remember to press APPROVE TRANSFER.

WaaLaa! That’s it. Finally your domain is transferred.

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