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SME Should Have Website

5 Reasons Why Every SME Should Have A Website

Websites are an essential tool for Small And Medium Enterprise (SME) looking to grow their business online. In fact, they’re so important that we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why every small business should have one. We all need websites these days, whether we

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Flash Flood in KL

Flash Flood at parts of Kuala Lumpur

As I’m writing this article now, the flash flood in KL is alarming. Thus to all commuters out there please be careful and wait for emergency assistance if you’re stuck in the flood. As a matter of fact, there were multiple videos shared on social

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Selling Online

How Can I Start Selling Online?

To start selling online is actually very easy. In fact all you need is a phone or computer and some products to sell. Next, just go to Lazada or Shopee to register an account. Waalaaa… now you can start your online business. So is this

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