Website Themes & Templates vs Customized Website Design

Before one can decide on whether to use website themes & templates or to have it customized by a professional web designer, firstly ask yourself how much budget are you allocating for this project?

Secondly, how long will it take before the website will be ready to go live?

The two things that will come in mind will be cost-effectiveness and timeline.

A quick understanding on Website Template

A website template is a pre-designed material that shows the structure for the extensive layout design and shows functions and features of any website. It is particularly develop by many different parties to make web designing much, much more easier for designers.

Another major benefit of using a template is that it is mobile ready (responsive web design). Thus, these website templates will help SME to build a mobile friendly site so that their viewers are able to view their website nicely on their smart phones.

A quick understanding on Website Theme

A website theme is the overall look and feel of your website which can be also define as Design Conceptualization.

This includes things such as styling, color scheme and design layout. In essence, the website theme is a direct representation of your brand and corporate identity.

In brief, it is directly impacting your users’ experience.

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Definition of Customized Web Design

A custom web design is completely unique and not built on any open source platform. The design conceptualization and development of the entire site is done from Ground Zero.

Just imagine building a bungalow on an empty piece of land. The process is very similar to custom web design. The good news is that once it done, it would be one of a kind.

By doing so, it will incur more man power and more time will be spend on it, therefore the development timeline will be much longer.

In short, the cost will increase a lot and might take many months to complete it.


So, after having to know all of the above let’s dive into which method suits you best. If you have plenty of budget to spend and not in a hurry to launch the site then you may go for the customized web design way.

This method is mostly used by large corporations will go for this because they want full control over their website.

For cost-effectiveness and short timeline, website themes & templates is the way to go. Themes can also be customize to meet your corporate identity.

By using templates within the theme, it will help to save a lot of time as the template is already built to include structure, navigation and even mobile friendly format.

In reality, most of the SME’s will go for this method because of its cost-effectiveness and shorter timeline. The sooner the site is up means the faster they get to do business.

Furthermore, 62% of the websites are powered by WordPress which means that themes and template are in favor.

In conclusion, just go for whichever method that doesn’t hurt your business cash flow too much.

In another topic I’ll cover what to look for when selecting a theme. Stay tuned!

Quote of the day :
“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” - Ralf Speth
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