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New Breed of Digital Marketing
A multi-level process that include elements of education and brand storytelling. Creating better BRAND-to-CUSTOMER relationships is everything nowadays. So how can you, as a new or smaller brand, go about implementing it?


Boost Your Online Presence Quickly

Most businesses plan to fail by FAILING TO PLAN. Therefore get started with our brand acceleration plan to help you QUICKEN YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH, at the same time as building a strong brand of TRUST, VALUE & CREDIBILITY.


Reach Out to Multiple Platforms

Humankind has progressed significantly in a short time frame. Hence technology advances with new platforms. SOCIAL MEDIA & CONTENT APPLICATIONS is trending now as we adapt to the new norm of living & working.


Why Us?

How we do it?

Gaining The Digital Advantage

Digital Innovation Strategy

It’s a strategy to move business to the ONLINE or DIGITAL ARENA. With countless technological advancements, businesses need to adopt the new norm and technique to remain competitive. Therefore the correct platform, proper tools and right framework is needed to support themselves while overseeing and managing digital innovation measures.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Personalization Strategy

The first step in building a SUCCESSFUL SOLUTION is developing a personalized strategy because there is no one strategy that will rule them all. Arriving at a finish line occasionally needs a lot of effort, focus and hard (or SMART) work.Therefore set objectives that are specific and be flexible, next move step by step and finally clearly communicate it over.

From Art to Science

Turning Guessing into Science

Marketing is one of those professions where people guess a lot. While DIGITAL MARKETING is still part art, part science, it’s the science part that we adopt more. In other words data is available everywhere online, it is for us to utilize it. Hence, you need to ensure you have a reason for each tool you decide to use and that the tool is working. Above all, with GOOGLE ANALYTICS, we can use it to determine how well those campaigns are performing.



Case studies


About Us

Who we are?

Carrying the motto B'COZ WE CAN, we want to help as many entrepreneurs as we can to take their first step into the Digital World.

We are the missing gear to your digital online vehicle ...

We are a collective team of web designers, web developers and digital marketeers who has been in this industry altogether for more than 15 years.

Basically the core idea behind UNIT is to assemble a team that consists of talented individuals to cater to your personalize needs because there is no one solution that could rule them all.

We use our keen understanding of design functionality and human behaviour to find what our customers needs and how to give the best solution to them … technically, visually & digitally.


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