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UNIT is a Design Collective, a combination and brainchild of multiple experienced designers and interactive projects managers who has been in this industry for more than 10 years. The core idea behind UNIT is to create a design collective that consists of talented individuals that caters to your very needs.

As a direct response to the pantomime of creative narcissism in the industry, our specific intention was to produce high end digital content while at the same time, to function as the pancreas to a paradigm which will hopefully be part of the re-education process. This being the principal philosophy, a high level of integrity is upheld throughout the whole production pipeline.

Initially formed back in 2003, UNIT excels in it aims to create works of utmost consistency and quality. We use our keen understanding of design functionality and human behaviour to find what our customers needs and how to give the best solution to them, technically & functionality.

UNIT brings together in an elaborate but working combination, the different aspects and facets of designs whilst maintaining a branding experience that the client understands (logically) and feel (emotionally).


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